Disston has formed manufacturing partnerships with state of the art technology in nearly every process application. For example, cutting raw material is normally done utilizing one of the following techniques:

  • Oxyfuel – lowest cost process utilized when subsequent machining and remove a larger heat affected zone.
  • Plasma Burning – higher cost, more precise process with reduced heat affected zone.
  • Laser Cutting – still higher cost, even more precise process with minimal heat affected zone.
  • Waterjet Cutting – highest cost, most precise with no heat affected zone.

As this example indicates, to maximize value it is necessary to select the precise process that cost effectively performs the manufacturing function.

Disston’s specialty services are in these areas:

Because of our broad product offering, presented over more than a century and a half, it has become necessary to utilize technology outside our areas of expertise in order to offer our customers maximum value from a single source.


If you have a manufacturing or process problem and would like to have another professional’s opinion or approach to solving it, please contact us. Our many years of experience, our core competitencies and one or more of our supplemental service partners can help you resolve your problem.