Q. Do you manufacture cutting plates that are 3/16″ or thinner and 62″ left to right x 96” front to back? We manufacture equipment for stamping presses and are using hardened plates for manufacturing of items such as refrigerator doors and car doors.

Yes, Disston can manufacture cutting plates in that size. Our maximum capacity for hardened cutting plates is:

  • Length: up to 96″
  • Width: up to 84″
  • Thickness: 0.062 – 1.0 inch
  • Hardness: 48-52 HRc.

Q. We require steel die cutting plates for 2 Bobst die cutting machines model numbers 76 and a SP 102 E. We do not need any engraving or groove on them, just the flat steel 3/64″ or 1/16″. We will perform the secondary operations ourselves. Can we get these flat plates from you? If so, please, let us know your prices and lead time.

Yes, we manufacture die cutting, chase, and backup plates for the Bobst Machines to include the 76 and SP-102E machines as well as for the Zerand, Thompson, and other machine manufacturers using harden-flat plates. We need 4 to 6 weeks lead time. We will contact you on current pricing. All die cutting plates can be custom manufactured to your specifications and are made from quality alloy steel made in the USA.

Q. We are a box and packaging facility in Illinois. I need 3/16″ diecutting plates for a Thomson die cutting machine. We need a hardened plate for our 33 in x 47 in clamshell die cutter. Can you manufacture precision die cutting plates for us?

Yes, we manufacture precision die cutting plates for all die cutting presses. We will work with you to create plates to your precise specifications..