Disston manufactures their industrial shredder knives to exacting specifications. All shredder knives are through hardened up to 62 HRc depending on the alloy. Our custom knives are used to cut the materials you need cut. Our shredded blades have points or hook points and include:

  • cloth shredder knives
  • paper shredder knives
  • cork shredder knives
  • plastic shredder knives
  • leather shredder knives
  • medical waste shredder knives
  • sugar shredder knives
  • wood pulp shredder knives

Each manufactured shredder blade is quality inspected using our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to insure that the product is made to your drawing. Our precision alloy steel shredder hook blades are manufactured hooked or pointed.

  • MATERIALS: Alloy steel and tool steel heat-treated up to 62 HRc.
  • SIZES: To 24″ Diam. and Thickness: To 1″ max.


Disston Precision can assist you with your shredder blades needs. Contact us today for assistance.