Disston manufactures customized clutch, drive, and friction discs used in power transmission drives. All discs are made from alloy material, specially heat treated, machined, and friction coated.

  • Diameter: 8″ – 60″
  • Thickness: up to 1.5″
  • With or without spline

CLUTCH DISC: (Outer Spline) is used with the inner splines for heavy duty power transmission.

CLUTCH DISC: (Inner Spline) is used with the outer spline as part of a multiple clutch disc pact.

DRIVE DISC: (Outer Spline) is used mainly in the heavy duty mining industry, where driving forces are often put to the supreme test.

FRICTION DISC: (Inner Spline) is generally packaged together to transmit torque on heavy duty power transmissions.

Disston makes these products using the finest alloy steel. These parts are hardened, tempered and machined to exacting detail. Contact Disston Precision for assistance with any of your clutch component needs.