Q. We supply saw mills and pallets mills with circular saws. Can you manufacture a saw blank that meets our needs? We need saw blade blanks that have a 35.875″ outside diameter, 0.500″ center hole, 0.125 thickness, HrC 45-50, Qty–120, 360

Yes, we manufacture precision blades blanks that are hardened from 32 – 52 HRc, using quality steel plate made in the USA. We will contact you with current pricing information.

Q. We manufacture aluminum and are located in Alabama. We have an Oliver table saw that uses a 84″ diameter x 5/8″ thick blade for cutting the ends off aluminum ingots. The saw is carbide tipped and resharpenable. Typically, the cut is from 65-77″ at 26″ thick. I am looking for a supplier that can furnish such a carbide tipped circular saw blade. Can Disston fabricate and resharpen such a blade?

Yes, Disston can make a carbide-tipped saw blade up to 92” in diameter. We have authorized repair facilities located throughout the United States that will resharpen and/or repair the carbide tipped blades for you. We will contact you with pricing and repair facility locations closest to you.

Q. I need a price on a single carbide tipped “groove” blade, which when used creates a dado that is 1/4″ wide and has a “flat” bottom. I have a small 10″ table saw, with a 5/8″ arbor. Please get back to me with pricing and lead time from placing order.

Disston no longer makes carbide saw blades for home use. However, we do make carbide saw blades from 24 to 92 inches in diameter for industrial use. These saw blades can be purchased by suppliers that service industries that use this type of saw blade with or without teeth..