Disston makes 4 inch to 24 inch diameter Crusher Saw Blades to your customer specifications.

APPLICATIONS: These saw blades are used to cut wooden pallets, plastic, tires, powder metals and other materials that need to be granulated and/or crushed.

Alloy steel heat-treated to customer specs
* SIZES: 4″- 24″ diameter
* THICKNESS: 1/8″ -1″
* HARDNESS: 28 – 52 HRc

Blades are laser cut with pockets or teeth to customer’s specification. All Crusher Saw Blades are heat treated, Blanchard ground, smithed, and computerized checked for proper tension and run out and balance.

Manufactured precisely to custom specifications
Made from heat and abrasion resistant special alloy steels
Heat-treated for maximum strength and toughness
Hand tensioned for exceptional balance
Competitively priced
Blanket orders welcomed for just-in-time deliveries
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